What you gain


What’s in for you?

  • learn about innovation in many dimensions (startup hubs, reverse and frugal innovation, digital/technical and social innovation)
  • understand how to combine financial and humanitarian strategies
  • get an idea on how you can combine your social responsibility activities with your daily business in a more strategic way – to make a better world happen!
  • learn more about social entrepreneurship and social intrapreneurship (how to engage your employees)
  • train your leadership skills and challenge yourself
  • get a cross-functional network to stakeholders form different backgrounds 
  • contribute to social projects – because 50% of your fees go as a donation to our local NGO partner and a project you will visit.

Innovation, future entrepreneurial business models, social business, sustainability, and a better world – if this is interesting to you join us!

“Organizations are no longer judged only for their financial performance, or even the quality of their products or services…but rather on the basis of their impact on society at large—transforming them from business enterprises into social enterprises.” 

Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends Report 2018: The Rise of the Social Enterprise.

There are a lot of opportunities for your enterprise emerging from social innovation, from developing solutions with the people on the ground, not for them. Business tomorrow needs more than products and services, it needs to know the WHY!

This experience will not give you the final answers, but will challenge you to ask the better questions to yourself, your employees and your business partners. Innovation has many dimensions. Frugal innovation, reverse innovation, digital innovation … Innovation means  two things: Doing it and developing ideas with the people, not for them!

Maybe you plan to start/expand your business and want to learn more about India/emerging countries? Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive advantages for any business. Listen to “wants and needs” and understand your future stakeholders. Learn what people think about your ideas, understand the way of living and build a first network.

Did you know that

  • every 8th person in the world lives in rural India? And that every 6th person is Indian?
  • India is one of the most diverse countries in the world?
  • India is now the largest recipient of foreign investments worldwide?

The developmental experience will take place close to the city of Coimbatore, in the region of Tamil Nadu. This region in the South of India is a well-developed industrial State of India. Coimbatore is an important industrial centre of Tamil Nadu with various sectors including power, textiles, plastics, rubber, construction, agriculture, health etc.

Also a visit to a startup hub in Bangalore is included.

The social entrepreneurial dimension

Social entrepreneurship, shared value demand (economist M. Porter) and win-win ideas are more than just trends. Innovation and sustainable solutions are key to solve the world’s challenges of today.

Have a look at this video  (1:30 min) and learn why social entrepreneurial thinking has an impact on your business and how it can create added value – to society and your business. During the InnovIndia week you will get in contact with several impact models and ideas.

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Learn more about the program details.

Your participation in this training makes a difference. It is a contribution to a social business

The profit of InnovIndia is used to build school kitchens and to provide educational/professional courses for women and men in the rural areas. Contribute to lift individuals and communities out of abject poverty and to build self sufficiency! Social betterment and commercial goals are not mutually exclusive. Your WHY makes a difference – it’s up to you.

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