InnovIndia offers a disruptive and challenging experience and social entrepreneurial learning to senior business and CSR managers. It helps to develop leadership skills in a very diverse surrounding, tests and challenges traditional ways of thinking business. Read here more on what you gain .

Every day is different; you will experience situations that push you out of your personal comfort zone.

Nevertheless, you will always feel safe. What we will do during the week: 

Experience 3 – 5 hours field visits/day. Listen  and interact with


Meet local leaders


  • tribal village people
  • rural/urban population from different income levels
  • local stakeholders (teachers, doctors, academics, NGOs, industry representatives…)
  • local business




Reflect in workshop sessions with peers on

  • social entrepreneurship & innovative business models
  • reverse, frugal, grassroot, invisible, inclusive innovation
  • NGO work and why it could be important to your future business
  • India as an emerging market – a future market for you?


Discuss with local stakeholders


Interact & Network across traditional business borders – Listen, learn and join networking activities with “unusual partners”:

  • discuss sustainable social entrepreneurial solutions with NGO leaders.
  • leave your comfort zone and try out new things.
  • ask questions you never asked before and find unusual answers.


Develop solutions and test

Develop solutions and test

Develop & Test – Design solutions and get feedback that counts:

  • solve a challenging week task in a smaller group
  • avoid idea killers
  • work in a competitive co-creation environment
  • pitch your ideas in front of unusual partners
  • get direct and open feedback on sustainability  and acceptance of your idea.

If you are interested in participating in an InnovIndia developmental experience program please contact us.

Depending on the background/industries of the participants the field visits will be adapted. We will organize the week accordingly so that you get the best out of this experience. In the chapter organizational details you’ll find information about accommodation, costs and further travel information.