Our history, our future

The first making More Health program in India has taken place in 2015

Manager present the reuslts of a week task to solce a social challenge and discuss with NGO representatives

Managers pitch their ideas in front of local experts

Both, the outstanding success and feedback from the former participants (employees of Boehringer Ingelheim who participated in the Making More Health program in India) have inspired us to open this extraordinary developmental program to other companies, too. Read more here: The MMH leadership program – Seeing through different eyes. We strongly believe that this program  is worth to be developed further and opened up to other companies.

We believe in collaborative rather than in competitive approaches.

We believe that if we look for innovation we need to build partnerships and unusual relationships. we believe that social engagement and entrepreneurial activities can be and should be linked.

Co-creation and social entrepreneurial innovation will make a huge difference for us as companies, for the society and all stakeholders involved. That’s why we connected to UNAIDS innovation in healthcare, to Ahimdsa Fund, to the Indian consulate and are proud that we can run a program now that makes a strategic thinking and doing possible that goes much further than a single organisation approach.


Decision processes in a self help group



InnovIndia is designed as an independent program where leaders/decision makers from various businesses and countries come together to learn about social entrepreneurial thinking and social responsibility initiatives, making them challenge their own innovation approach and leadership skills such as agility, accountability, innovative spirit, and empathy. We want to achieve much more – together with you!

We look forward to meeting you in India!

Interested in knowing what managers do who have participated in our Making More Health program?

They have started to

  • implement disruptive ideas and  principles to the daily business activities
  • re-think customer relationships and business development
  • integrate social engagement into core business discussions
  • develop social entrepreneurial projects, e.g. in uncovered market niches/untapped customer groups to learn and co-create.

Read more about here: Making More health Intrapreneurship magazine – How employees engage for a better world – and how they create benefit for our company.


Read more here on what you gain.