About InnovIndia

InnovIndia  is a disruptive program in rural India and Bangalore

  • for decision makers and innovation managers
  • leaders from international and national companies

to ignite social entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial thinking and to think innovation differently. Learn by doing!  Understand how to connect your financial strategy to a humanitarian one.  Activities you do to be innovative, do find and engage talents, your daily business strategies are challenged.

The program is supported and run actively by UNAIDS, Ahimsa Fund, Boehringer Ingelheim’s Making More Health initiative in collaboration with Ashoka and the Karl Kübel institute for development education in India. Thanks also for the support from the German consolate in Bangalore and Indian GIZ!

 It’s not the innovation, it’s not the change we think but only the one we make happen that counts. 


What to expect: 

  • Exposure to high ambiguity and a challenging
    environment 24/7 hours. Change how you see, see how
    you change!
  • Deep insights and significant experience in emerging
    markets, customer needs and sustainable development.
  • From technical to social innovation – but how? Develop disruptive ideas. Test it.
    Receive direct feedback. Learn about different innovation
  • Understand collaborative vs. competitive business and discover innovative entrepreneurial solutions for your company while creating a win for your partners and the society, too!
  • The program and the link back to the daily business afterwards is unique – it will push you “out of your comfort zone“ into a safe, but challenging surrounding and teach you how to overcome typical business idea killers. InnovIndia does not end with a week full of impressions and a folder in your hands, but starts to “work” when you return to your desk.

The program takes place in rural/tribal India and Bangalore and provides insight on how we as leaders can prepare for tomorrow’s world and serve our customers in a more sustainable, future-oriented and partnership based approach, especially taking into account the 17 Sustainable Development Goals listed by the United Nations.

InnovIndia opens new ways of thinking and doing business by tangible and active learnings and experiences onsite

  • test your social entrepreneurial abilities during the week
  • network “across traditional borders”
  • meet successful social entrepreneurial managers and discuss disruptive business models with stakeholders from the “social world”
  • think beyond traditional Corporate social responsibility and charity approaches.

For detail information please have a look at the program.

Download the flyer and apply!


Participants came from many different countries

Get some testimonial voices  Get a first idea (video)  gives insight from how the program in 2016 worked  ( focus: health, ca. 2:30 min).  From there we have added even more innovative elements. Read more on our history.