About InnovIndia

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 It’s not the innovation, it’s not the change we think but only the one we make happen that counts. 

InnovIndia is a disruptive developmental experience in rural India for senior managers and leaders from international and national companies who

  • are want to develop innovative business ideas
  • are interested in social entrepreneurship and shared value approaches that lead to win-wins for business and society.
  • want to discover the potential of caring leadership and how to link it back to their own businesses.
  • want to explore social innovation and impactful social responsibility.

Participants came from many different countries

This video Get a first idea”  gives insight how a developmental experience ( focus: health, ca. 2:30 min) worked.

InnovIndia is a highly successful program which has been tested over the course of three years by a huge international pharmaceutical company* in close cooperation and collaboration with the NGO world. The developmental experience takes place in rural/tribal India and provides insight on how we as leaders can prepare for tomorrow’s world and serve our customers in a more sustainable, future-oriented and partnership based approach, especially taking into account the 17 Sustainable Development Goals listed by the United Nations. Start to act – now!

InnovIndia is an interesting and unique experience for those leaders who want to add social value to their daily business activities in their own markets, plan to start a (social) business in an emerging market, and to start innovative business thinking and doing by integrating social entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activities as a core element. InnovIndia opens new ways of thinking and doing business by tangible and active learnings and experiences onsite

  • test your social entrepreneurial abilities during the week
  • network “across traditional borders”
  • meet successful social entrepreneurial managers and discuss disruptive social business models with stakeholders from the “social world”
  • think beyond traditional CSR and charity approaches.

For detail information please have a look at the program.

InnovIndia –  Moments that will matter to you and your business


Decision processes in a self help group

This experience is based on partnerships and collaboration of stakeholders from the business, NGOs and social entrepreneurial world. The program and the link back to the daily business afterwards is unique – it will push you “out of your comfort zone“ into a safe, but challenging surrounding and teach you how to overcome typical business idea killers. InnovIndia does not end with a week full of impressions and a folder in your hands, but starts to “work” when you return to your desk.

Former participants have started to

  • implement disruptive ideas and  principles to the daily business activities
  • re-think customer relationships and business development
  • integrate social engagement into core business discussions
  • develop social entrepreneurial projects, e.g. in uncovered market niches/untapped customer groups to learn and co-create.

Read more about here: Making More health Intrapreneurship magazine – How employees engage for a better world – and how they create benefit for our company.



However, also for NGOs and development organizations the direct contact and exchange with business is a win. The network of diverse experts and co-creation is one of the most innovative ways to tomorrow’s business: Organizational details of the week.

Our history

Manager present the reuslts of a week task to solce a social challenge and discuss with NGO representatives

Managers pitch their ideas in front of local experts

Both, the outstanding success and feedback from the former participants have inspired us to open this extraordinary developmental program  to other companies, too. Read more here: The MMH leadership program – Seeing through different eyes.

We strongly believe that co-creation and social entrepreneurial innovation needs a new way of thinking and doing. InnovIndia is an independent  developmental experience where leaders/decision makers from various businesses and countries come together to learn about social entrepreneurial thinking and social responsibility initiatives, making them challenge their own leadership skills such as agility, accountability, innovative spirit, and empathy. Join and discover what social responsibility and social entrepreneurship can mean to you, your employees, your future business models and innovation departments.

Read more here on what you gain.

*The developmental experience has been developed under Making More Health, a global social entrepreneurial initiative by Boehringer Ingelheim. InnovIndia is a similar program, but e.g. field visits are adapted to senior managers from different industries.
** We cooperate with: Karl Kübel Stiftung, Germany and their partners in India.